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Dr. Luiz Moura:
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Conversa com o Dr. Luiz Moura

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"Conversa com o
Dr. Luiz Moura:
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Conversa com o Dr. Luiz Moura

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subdividido em
60 temas

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 Hepatic Cirrhosis treated with Autohemotherapy.

Auto-Hemoterapia - Vídeos - Comentário
 Sábado, 15 de dezembro de 2012 - 12:55:56

Hepatic Cirrhosis treated with Autohemotherapy. MULTI-LANGUAGES CC 


MFFM 31 years old 

diagnosis: hepatic cirrhosis  

toxic dermatose  

urticarial lesions 

all over the body  


noticeable improvement with 8 applications of Autohemotherapy  



31 years  

diagnosis: hepatic cirrhosis  

main complaint:  


with erythema all over the body 

Well, when I arrived at UNIPAC  

to have the Auto-hemotherapy treatment 

I was in a sort of critical state 


with a lot of anxiety  

my body was irritated 

with spots all over 

my skin was all horrible  

when I started the treament 

I already noticed an improvement at the second application 

the treatment is done in a very simple way 

no medicine is used 

it is just like a little injection  

a soft injection, 

it doesn’t' cause any bruises 

it doesn't result in necrosis  

it is a very simple treatment  

and it produces a result 

I particularly have been noticing  

a significant improvement  

a very good treatment in deed 

I advise those with problems to have this treatment 

it is a treatment of great success  

at least in my case it has been 

I already had eight injections 

my body is already practically 

cured from the necrosis I had  

from the dermitis  

skin erythema 

I am very pleased with the treatment  

Thank you 



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