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"Conversa com o
Dr. Luiz Moura:
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Conversa com o Dr. Luiz Moura

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"Conversa com o
Dr. Luiz Moura:
O que é

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Conversa com o Dr. Luiz Moura

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Tradução do português para o inglês 




Dr. Luiz Moura  



It is a therapeutic resource of low cost, simple boils down to draw blood from a vein and apply the muscle, thereby stimulating the reticuloendothelial system, quadrupling the macrophages throughout the body.  




The technique is simple: remove the blood from a vein - usually the elbow - and it applies in the muscle, arm or buttock, without adding anything to the blood. The volume removed ranges from 5ml to 20ml, depending on the severity of the disease being treated. The blood, body tissue, in contact with the muscle, extra-vascular tissue, triggers a reaction of rejection of it, thereby stimulating SRE The bone marrow produces more monocytes that will colonize the body tissues and then given the name of macrophages. Before applying the blood, on average, the count of macrophages is around 5%. After applying the rate rises and, after 8 am, it reaches 22%. During five days remain between 20 and 22% to return to 5% after 7 days from the application of autohemotherapy. Around the 5% level occurs when there is blood in the muscle.  


Infectious diseases, allergies, autoimmune diseases, foreign bodies such as ovarian cysts, fibroids, obstruction of blood vessels are fought by macrophages, which quadrupled, so can overcome these disease states or at least soften them. In the particular case of autoimmune diseases, the autoimune arising from the perversion of the immune system is diverted into the blood applied to the muscle, thereby improving the patient.  




In 1911, F. Ravaut records: how to treat auto (uno mismo, haima - bleeds) employed in various infectious diseases, especially in typhoid and skin diseases. Ravaut Autohemoterapia uses in certain cases of asthma, urticaria and anaphylactic states (encyclopedic dictionary of medicine, T.1, L. Braier).  

In 1941 Dr. Leopold Cea, in the Dictionary of Terms Hematologic Y Expressionism, p. 37, cites: Self-blood therapy, a treatment method that consists en uno inject individual Cierto cantidad total de sangre (Ahasuerus Y cells), making this mismo individual.  

H. Dousset - Self Hemotherapy - Techniques indispensable. It is useful in certain cases to dessensibilizações - 1941.  

Stedman - Medical Dictionary - 25th edition - 1976 - p. 129 - Autohemotherapy - Autohemotherapy - treatment of the disease by removal and reinjection of the patient's own blood.  

1977 - Clinical Index - Alain Blacove Belair - Autohemotherapy - non-specific desensitization therapy.  


However Jesse was Professor Tan who proved that the SRE was activated by autohemotherapy in their work published and awarded in 1940 in Brazil Magazine - Surgery in the month of March Jesse Teixeira led to the formation of a bubble in the thigh of patients with cantharis, irritant. Did the count of macrophages before autohemotherapy, the figure was 5%. After autohemotherapy the figure rose from the 1st hour, arriving after 8 hours to 22%. Remained at 22% over five days, and finally dropped to 5% at 7 days after application.  


2. THE ACTION OF THERAPEUTIC autohemotherapy  


Between 1943 and 1947, when he was attending the National School of Medicine, applied the autohemotherapy fulfilling the order of my father, Professor Pedro Moura, in the patients he operated on the House Health S. Jose in Rio de Janeiro. The first application was made to the residence of the patient and the 2nd, five days later, the House of Health, the patient's room, and was always 10 ml.  


The purpose of the application was to avoid infection or other infectious pulmonary complication, since the anesthesia time was usually with ether, which irritated the lungs enough. The surgeon general, Dr. Pedro Moura adopted this method against the success of Professor Jesse Teixeira, who recorded 150 surgeries in the most varied, 0% of infectious complications post-operative in 1940.  


After graduating I continued to apply the autohemotherapy only in cases of juvenile acne and allergic skin diseases, background. However, I owe to Dr. Garofalo Floramante in 1976, when this  

was then 71 years, the knowledge that resulted in more coverage of the therapeutic action of autohemotherapy. In March 1976 Dr. Garofalo complained of severe cramping in his right leg when she walked over 100 meters.  


I suggested to my colleague that he might seek angiologist, Dr. Antônio Vieira de Mello. Decided to make this right femoral arteriography being found obstruction of about 10cm at the middle third of right thigh. The angiologist Dr. Garofalo said that would solve the problem with a prosthesis, which would replace the segment of femoral artery obstruction.  


Dr. Garofalo told angiologist "not want to become a bionic man, tomorrow I will have another blocked artery and will have to put new dentures. Will solve the problem with self-blood therapy. " I then offered to do the applications. During four months of 7 in 7 days, applied 10 ml of blood on Dr. Garofalo, who then decided to submit the new right femoral arteriography, since he could walk  

normally. But Dr. Anthony Vieira de Mello believed that it was impossible that the artery was free of obstruction, attributing the improvement to the suggestion. Repeated arteriography, there was no obstruction in the right femur. It was then that Dr. Garofalo presented me with the work of Jesse Teixeira, 1940 and Ricardo Veronesi, 1976. The stimulation of SRE evidenced by Jesse Teixeira and the actions of this and explained the work of Ricardo Veronesi, explained the femoral artery patency of Garofalo and opened a huge field in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.  


In September 1976 she interned in the Medical Clinic of the Hospital Cardoso Fontes a patient whose diagnosis was clarified by the consultant dermatology Clinic, Dr. Alvares Ryssia FLORIAO. Biopsies performed on the breasts, abdomen and thigh A. S. O. (F) - 52 years, they sent to the hospital pathologist, Dr. Gloria de Morais Patella, the diagnosis was, scleroderma, final phase.  


Dr. Ryssia, who had been resident in dermatology clinic in the United States of America in New York, where converged patients with E. S. Q., said he could do little for the patient, because that clinic was nothing more than a deposit of scleroderma "  


I started the treatment of patients with E. S. P., on 10/09/1976. To induce immune deviation, and thus relieve the patient, applied 5 ml of blood in each deltoid and gluteal 5ml in each of 5 in 5 days. The patient could no longer walk for 8 months and not swallowing solids, liquids only, due to stenosis of the esophagus. 10/10/1976 day the patient left the hospital walking with improved high-signed by Dr. Ryssia.  


The patient continued treatment with the dose reduced to 10ml of blood per week. In May 1977 the patient A. S. O. was hospitalized for evaluation, and found great improvement over the days 10/10/1976, when he was discharged on the previous year.  


Arose at the time a contest sponsored by Roche - Central Hospital of Aeronautics. Then drafted a carefully documented work with both exams as well as photographs on slides of the patient, in September 1976 and May 1977. The contest, whose theme was original, did not publish the work.  


From this case, that self-blood therapy has proven to be powerful therapeutic tool in autoimmune diseases, I began to apply it in allergic diseases, with excellent results. Introduce  

briefly a few cases that deserve mention:  


  1980 - M. of G. S. - 28 years, an official from Petrobras. Progressive systemic sclerosis diagnosis - Decision of medical leadership of Petrobras - retire patient. 22 years has been dealing with self blood therapy. Is asymptomatic and is expected to retire in 2005 for service time.  

  1980 - G. S. C. (F), 55 - Diagnosis - Myasthenia Gravis, the Institute of Neurology - Avenue Pasteur - RJ. The patient, currently, although with the disease live normally takes the bus. It is the only surviving patient among those diagnosed in 1980 as myasthenia gravis, the Institute of Neurology.  

   1982 - J. of S. R. (M), 30 - Diagnosis - Crohn's Disease - It was with autohemotherapy 10ml weekly for 1 year. To the present had no symptoms of the disease that occurred in 1982.  

  1990 - M. the R. S. (M), 22 years - Crohn's Disease - Curiously, the disease started after the patient being assaulted while on occasion did the entrance exam for dentistry. Prescribed self-blood therapy, which was applied by the patient's father. Until now asymptomatic.  

  1997 - R. S. (F), 35 - Diagnosis - L.E.S. - The Autohemoterapia enabled the patient to have a normal life, traveling abroad with street children that she teaches dance.  

 In 1978, my daughter who lives in Spain, had polycystic ovaries, not ovulating, was barren. Asked Dr. Peter - gynecologist and obstetrician - that makes Autohemoterapia 10ml weekly. After six months she became pregnant, and repeated the test with tubal insufflation, since there were no more cysts. Dr Peter attended the birth of my grandchildren, a couple, now 20 and 21 years respectively, and continued applying the IUD  

over 20 years in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy.  

  1990 - M. D. C. (F), 24 years - The patient began to have frequent epistaxis and petechiae. When presented otorrhagia was referred to a hematologist who diagnosed as thrombocytopenic purpura. During six months was treated with corticosteroids at high doses until they no longer have an impact and platelets dropped to 10.000mm3 blood. The hematologist decided to use chemotherapy, achieving a rise in platelet count to near normal levels during two months. The chemotherapy was no longer effective and the patient was referred to a surgeon to undergo splenectomy. The patient refused when the surgeon did not ensure that the liver would assume the function of the spleen. The patient came to me and I had to apply Autohemoterapia. Platelets returned to normal, the patient then had two more children, and lives a normal life with his spleen.  

  1982 - M. - (F) - Patient rent horses to tourists in Visconde de Maua. Was bitten by a spider armadeira in his right leg, gangrene that, being exposed to the tibia. Was admitted to Santa Casa de Rezende, where it was decided to amputation. Already on the operating table, the patient decided not to accept the amputation of the leg, as advocated by the Instituto Butantan for these cases. Signed statement of responsibility and was released. I searched and I establishing the autohemotherapy and washing the wound with  

solution of magnesium chloride, as did Pierre Delbet, a surgeon at war from 1914 to 1918. In 20 days the patient was cured, working with his leg today.  


We hope that the Complementary Medicine through its magazine, discloses a therapeutic technique that can do much to at least alleviate human suffering.  




Revised text published in  


Original at address  


The dr. Luiz Moura is Brazilian, and physician for 60 years.  


Interview about his self-blood therapy, is available on video at: #  


Transcript of video dr. Luiz Moura on the address  


The English translation of the transcript of the video of dr. Luiz Moura is  


In and, video of dr. Luiz Moura has subtitles in Spanish  


Autohemoterapia, talk with Dr. Luiz Moura, in Portuguese, with English subtitles, part 1:  

Autohemoterapia, talk with Dr. Luiz Moura, in Portuguese, with English subtitles, part 2:  

Autohemoterapia, talk with Dr. Luiz Moura, in Portuguese, with English subtitles, part 3:  

Autohemoterapia, talk with Dr. Luiz Moura, in Portuguese, with English subtitles, part 4:  


Only in this interview about autohemotherapy, dr. Luiz Moura is under process, and may lose their diploma. The process is Kafkaesque, is the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) of Brazil. By its statute, the CFM must ensure compliance with the Code of Medical Ethics, but reversed its position to achieve morally professional in their basic rights and duties of doctors.  


Another crime against humanity being committed by the Brazilian government. Contrary to law, the National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance (Anvisa), Ministry of Health banned the use of autohemotherapy. With very severe and chronic health problems, the country becomes the only planet in the dispensing technique for preventing and curing disease, which costs an injection syringe to apply a little cotton, alcohol and work of the applicator.  


Text translated by 

Ubervalter Coimbra
59 anos
- Vitória - ES

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