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 Letter about Autohemotherapy to Dr Eduardo Eduardo Fortoul

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Terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2009 - 13:29:55

Letter about Autohemotherapy to Dr Eduardo Eduardo Fortoul Olivier, Dr Jorge Gonzaléz Raimiréz, Don Angel López Meza 


Terça-feira, 5 de Maio de 2009 13:21 

De: "Marcelo" Exibir informações de contatoCc:,, "André de Moura Soares" , 



Olá Autohemoterápicos 


Cansei de procurar autoridades no Brasil, porque as provas de que dispomos já são mais do que suficientes para liberação da AHT no Brasil. 

Portanto de agora em diante, vou procurar pessoas, e organizações no Exterior e já comecei hoje. 

abaixo: cópia dos e-mails que já enviei. 





---------- Forwarded message ---------- 

From: Marcelo  

Date: 2009/5/5 

Subject: Letter about Autohemotherapy to Dr Eduardo Eduardo Fortoul Olivier, Dr Jorge Gonzaléz Raimiréz, Don Angel López Meza 





Dear Doctor Eduardo Eduardo Fortoul Olivier 

Dear Doctor Jorge Gonzaléz Raimiréz  

Dear Don Angel López Meza. 


Good mornig. 


As we know the Autohemotherapy thwarts a lot the interests of the industries of medicines. And it is really a very difficult fight with even so many proofs already published that prove its effectiveness. 


As in Brazil the authorities of Health is not interested in the subject, I decided since from now contacting the organizations and people in the exterior. 


So I decided to write for you, because we have many documents that prove the effectiveness of the Autohemotherapy. ALL of them with photographic registrations in of many cases of sucess of many diseases like scleroderma, psoriasis, crohn, acnase, and other VERY IMPORTANT in Veterinary medicine an Akita Inu dog, a calf and an equine. (These cases prove definitively that AHT is not placebo). 


I also have many videos about Autohemotherapy in Portuguese, but I'll translate them to English language. Please take a look at this video. A dog that was cured with Autohemotherapy. Playboy, an Akita Inu, 8 years, that suffered of a dermatology own disease of those dogs, because they are from cold area (Himalaia). These images prove to who wants to see with your own eyes the effects of Autohemotherapy(Aht). I am very happy on seeing my Playboy cured, and now in the media serving the humanity. Telma Geovanini. Autohemotherapy is not dangerous. Autohemotherapy is not placebo. And AHT is very efficient.The url is 


I also need your help to tell me where I can publish these important documents. I am writing to World Healthy Organization. But I would like to know specifics associations like psoriasis, scleroderma, crohn, that could have interesting for these cases. I really would appreciate if you could help me in this mission. Please contact me by e-mail 


I send this message to contact page. But could you please redirect this e-mail to Doctor Jorge Gonzaléz Raimiréz and Don Angel López Meza. And you may forward it for anyone you want. 


I also have included in my youtube space, the videos of yours. I hope you don't mind for that. 


Below you will see more links to the pages I have mentioned. 


Thank you very much por your attention and congratulations for your important working. 



Marcelo - Brazil 



Autohemotherapy - TELMA GEOVANINI(*) comments about pandemics like influenza in Mexico. 

The video is still in Portuguese, but I'll translate it to English as soon as possible. 

(*) GEOVANINI, TELMA has the Nursing Master Degree 


A GEOVANIN TELMA's analyze of a case is: 

Tratamento da Esclerodermia doença auto imune 

através da auto-hemoterapia: Um estudo de caso clínico 

Treatment of scleroderma autoimmune disease using 

autohemotherapy. A clinical study 


And it was published in Referência Scientific Magazine. The Referência is of the Superior School  

of Nursong of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. It is a scientific publication indexed in  

Cuiden plus, Latindex, CINHAL and hereafter in Scielo, as it is announced. 


The article was published in the edition number 9, Serie II, March 2009. And it cab be found in =  


The url of the Magazine is  


THESE PAGE IS IN PORTUGUESE, BUT IT HAS A LARGER photographic registrations: 




OTHER CASES: (with pictures) 




A video of this case:  









Jose Luiz Dutra was cured in six months. 

The page has 2 colonoscopies 



CASES IN THE Veterinary medicine: 


Akita Inu dog cured with AHT: 



Videos about Autohemotherapy on youtube 


A video with Dr Moura: 

AHT is the solution for this pandemic. 

(this is still in Portuguese): 

Dr Moura talks about influenza: 


On youtube searching the "autohemoterapia spañol" shows many results about ATH with Dr Moura's  

DVD with subtitles in Spanish. The link to last searching: 

“autohemoterapia spañol” results 1 - 20 of 34  




Transcrição(Portugues) do DVD sobre Auto-Hemoterapia no link: 

or download the file, actualized and reviewed on April 2007: 


English Version AHT of Dr Moura's DVD: 

or download the file: 


RESUMEN: Spañol 

Es un recurso terapéutico de bajo costo, simple, que se resume en: sacar sangre de una vena y  

aplicarla en el músculo, estimulando así el Sistema Retículo-Endotelial, cuadriplicando los  

macrófagos en todo el organismo. 



I was worried about that when I met Autohemotherapy(AHT).  

We know that the epidemics will increase more and more in the planet, with the global ecological  


Because the stumps of microorganisms, with the climatic changes, mainly of temperature (global  

heating), they tend to a fantastic pealing and antibiotic therapy still stimulates more the  

increase of the virulence.  

This will reach all, independent of your social classes, faiths and values, therefore we will  

have obligatorily to take urgent and undelayable precautions, to protect the population,  

specially the one of seniors, children and imune depressed, and of course, at LOW COST.  

Therefore I don't see other way, to not to be the adoption of the autohemotherapy at world level,  

like a FULL practice and also proved effective, protecting without collateral effects, cockroach  

and besides preventive.  

We will await the facts, and we are here of duty and attentive. 

Telma Geovanini 



Eu já esperava por isso quando conheci a AHT.  

Sabemos que as epidemias vão aumentar cada vez mais no planeta com as modificações ecológicas  


Pois as cepas de microorganismos, com as mudanças climáticas principalmente de temperatura  

(aquecimento global) tendem a uma repicagem fantástica e a antibiotico terapia estimula ainda  

mais o aumento de sua virulência.  

Isto vai atingir a todos, independente mente de suas classes sociais, crenças e valores, portanto  

teremos obrigatóriamente que tomar medidas urgentes e inadiáveis para proteger as populações,  

principalmente a de idosos, crianças e imunodeprimidos, e é claro, a BAIXÍSSIMO CUSTO.  

Portanto não enxergo outra saída a não ser a adoção da autohemoterapia a nível mundial, como uma prática FARTA E COMPROVADAMENTE eficaz, protetora, sem efeitos colaterais, barata e inclusive preventiva.  

Vamos aguardar os fatos, estamos aqui de plantão e atentos. 

Telma Geovanini 






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 Terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2009 - 23:31:11 

RESPOSTA A UM EMAIL, e antes que venha outra...... 


Nao amigo, não sou burro, nao sou obrigado a saber tudo e ainda mais uma coisa que quase ninguem sabia. 

E depois.... tenho que passar a informação certa. Se nao sabia, nao sabia, e daí??? 

E agora ta explicado porque ele nao respondia aos  ... (total de 545 caracteres)


 Terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2009 - 23:04:42 

Agora ta explicado porque ele nao respondia aos emails. 


 Terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2009 - 22:29:04 

atenção sobre uma coisa que eu nem sabia... 




Doutor Ramirez faleceu ano passado na faixa do 80..e nao sabia mesmo..claro.!!! 


Dr. Jorge González Ramírez was born in Mexico City in November 23, 1926 (died in February 14, 2008).  




Achei no Google agora: "Quem descobriu  ... (total de 1980 caracteres)


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