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Conversa com o Dr. Luiz Moura

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"Conversa com o
Dr. Luiz Moura:
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Vídeo na íntegra.

Conversa com o Dr. Luiz Moura

Agora também
subdividido em
60 temas

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 Excelente notícia Luiz Grasso. (AHT avançando no mundo!)

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Domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010 - 18:50:13

Excelente notícia Luiz Grasso. 

(AHT avançando no mundo!) 


Arsenio, uma ótima oportunidade para voce contactar Tanya. 




---------- Forwarded message ---------- 

From: Luiz Grasso  

Date: 2010/1/31 

Subject: AHT nos Estados Unidos 

To: Marcelo , Arsenio , Luiz Fernando Sarmento , Bertha , Ida Zaslavsky  

Cc: Luiz Grasso  




Oi pessoal, 


Acabo de receber um telefonema dos EUA de uma nutricionista e pesquisadora, a Tanya Bernard. Tivemos uma longa conversa. Acho que ela poderá se tornar um ponto de apoio muito grande nos EUA. 


Ela assistiu os vídeos no youtube e ficou muito interessada na auto-hemoterapia. Ela telefonou para o consultório do Dr Luiz Moura, mas como ela não fala português não pode conversar com ninguém. 


Recebi um email dela alguns dias atrás. O email dela e minha resposta estão no fim desta mensagem. 


Vou passar a ela os dados do Dr Stuart Hale Shakman que eu tenho: 

Dr Stuart Hale Shakman 

1248 Fifth Street, P.O. Box 382 

Santa Monica, CA 90406-0382 


Se vocês souberem de mais alguém nos EUA ou na Europa para ela contactar, por favor me avisem. 


abraços a todos, 

Luiz Grasso 

Tel: + 44 1737 772 024 

Fax: + 44 7092 222 140 

Mobile: + 44 7941 817 508 




----- Original Message -----  

From: autohemo  

To: Tanya Bernard  

Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 10:32 PM 

Subject: Re: Auto hemotherapy 



Dear Ms Tanya Bernard, 


Thank you for your email.  


I am not a clinician, I am a translator, originally from Brazil, but I have lived in England for 22 years.  



I added English subtitles to a DVD made in Brazil by Dr Luiz Moura. This DVD was later split in small files and uploaded to the youtube website. If you like I can post you a free copy of the DVD. It may answer your questions.  


Sorry, but I don't know any learning resource in English or any English speaking practitioner. You will certainly find resources by browsing the web. 


A heath authority in Brazil called ANVISA has outlawed the practice of auto-hemotherapy. There is an appeal case now at the Supreme Court to overturn the decision made by ANVISA. I believe that it is in the public interest that this treatment becomes available to whoever choose to have it. 


Auto-hemotherapy became very popular in Brazil during the last few years because of Dr Luiz Moura's DVD, but unfortunately the General Medical Council in Brazil does not approve it. They claim that there is no evidence that the treatment works. I totally disagree. I have been using this treatment for the last 2 years. I had athlete's foot for over 10 years. After 2 months on auto-hemotherapy my athlete's foot condition disappeared completely. The skin on my feet looks very healthy. Every winter I used to have flu, cold, sore throat, running nose, headaches, tiredness and so. In the last 2 years I had no flu, cold, sore throat, running nose, not even once. 


Auto-hemotherapy is very cheap and effective. You only need basically a syringe and a needle. It certainly poses a threat to the pharmaceutical industry.  

If it is safe to have a blood transfusion, auto-hemotherapy with your own blood must be safe as well.  


Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP 

You may also be interested in PRP. It is a variant of auto-hemotherapy. PRP consists of taking blood from a patient and then separating its red and white parts. The plasma is reinjected into an injured part of the body. This speeds up the healing process. 

This treatment is also now very popular in Brazil mainly amongst football players. 

You may want to read an article on this from the Scientific American Newsletter.  

Click here to see another video on PRP. Unfortunately, it is in Portuguese with no subtitles. 


Dr. Simoncini 

Since you are a nutritionist and medical research consultant, you may also be interested in Dr. Simoncini' work. He is an Italian oncologist and claims that Cancer is due to a fungus and it can be cured simply with soda bicarbonate.  


You may find the following links interesting to say the least. 

Cancer is a Fungus 

Interview with Dr. Simoncini 

The Fungal hypothesis  


If you have any query, please don't hesitate to contact me again, 





Luiz Grasso 

Tel: + 44 1737 772 024 

Fax: + 44 7092 222 140 

Mobile: + 44 7941 817 508 





----- Original Message -----  

From: Tanya Bernard  


Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 8:01 AM 

Subject: Auto hemotherapy 



Dear Luiz Grasso, 


Hello. My name is Tanya Bernard. I am a licensed nutritionist and medical research consultant. I was very happy to see the series of videos on the topic of auto hemotherapy which you played a role in making available YouTube. I have many people consulting me that would be very interested in this. I viewed all of the videos and am eager to learn more---actually I have quite a few questions. I was wondering if there are an learning resources available in English or any healthcare practitioners who speak English. Are you a clinician?  


I also understand the motivation behind spreading this information internationally---could you inform me about what actions can be taken to help to allow those in Brazil to continue to use the therapy. 


Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you. 




Tanya Bernard 


Marcelo Fetha (    

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 Domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010 - 21:30:44

Letter from Brazil about Auto-hemotherapy 


Hello Mrs. Tanya Bernard  


I'm Marcelo from Brazil and I'd like to pass you the links and material about AHT in English.  

(please see links below).  


With AHT I got well from a 50 year-old chronic furunculosis. And there are thousands of  ... (total de 3021 caracteres)

Marcelo Fetha (    

 Domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010 - 20:18:15

ARSENIO (EUA) acabou de contatctar Mrs Tanya Bernard 


Greetings, Mrs. Bernard 

I live in the USA for many years and formerly in Brazil, where in 2008 my wife and I had our first aht treatments to address a few benign illnesses and are gone by now. 


Ever since, I have been in contact with Mr.  ... (total de 677 caracteres)

Marcelo Fetha (    

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