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"Conversa com o
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Conversa com o Dr. Luiz Moura

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 Sexta-feira, 12 de março de 2010 - 01:36:33



Medical director PDF | Print | 


Doctor Daniel Sister MD 


Was born on 26th March 1950 


Graduated from the Paris Medical School in 1974 . 


General Medical Special Interest in : 


* Homeopathy, Phytotherapy . 

* Anti Aging, Hormones . 

* Non Surgical Cosmectic Procedures 


Member of : 


* General Medical Council (UK) 

* Conseil de l'Ordre des Medecins (Fr) 

* British Association of Cosmetic Doctors . 

* New York Academy of Sciences . 

* American Academy for Anti Aging Medecine 


Previous Membership : 


* American College of Nutrition 

* American Society for Bariatric Physicyans . 

Vice President Complementary Medicine Association . 

* Royal Society of Medicine 


Innovative, Safe and Efficient: 


First to intoduce Laser/Elos treatments in the U.K. 

First to introduce Carboxytherapy in the UK 

First to intoduce the VIPeel in the \UK 

First to introduce the M.E.L.T. therapy in the UK 

First to introduce the S3- Skin therapy in the UK 

First to introduce the "Extreme Pressure" treatment 







Private practice in Paris since 1974 (Internal medicine, Nutrition) 


Nutritionist, private practice in Los Angeles for 7 years 


Private practice in London since 1997 (Nutrition, Anti Ageing) 


Author of 6 books: 


From Fat to Fit (USA) 


Throw your scale away (USA) 


Menopause, maigrir sans faim (France) 


Comment dire NON à la cellulite et à l’obésité (Fr) 


About Beauty, Nutrition, and Anti Ageing 


La Medecine Anti Ageing 


Next to come: Transition Time Health (natural and bio identical hormones) 


Guest in various TV shows in France, UK, Germany, USA, Israel. 


Guest speaker at theMEDEC (Paris), 3rd Anti Ageing Conference in Monte Carlo, FACE Conference (London) 


Collaboration with different woman magazines in France, UK, USA. 


Noted by W, Harper and Queens, Woman’s journal, Zest … 


Previous Medical Consultant in France: United Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Gulf Air 


HealthTech Institute was founded and incorporated in the USA in November 1993 by Dr. D.L. SISTER. Since then, it has been active in USA, Canada, France, England, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and United Emirates. 


The interests of the company are all related to Health, Beauty, Cosmetics, Natural Products and New technologies. 


Either by creating, developing and marketing its own products: Ekilose, NutriLife Pro, Rejuvital…. 


Or by helping other companies to develop and market their specific products in different countries: 


USA: Food Sciences Corp., Diet Line 


Canada: Groupe Roy, JCLE Holdings 


France: Laboratoires Michel Iderne, Lysedia 


Belgium: Hedephar, Universal Pharma 


Israel: Bio Nutrition. 

Marcelo Fetha (    


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Atenção: NÃO USE informações aqui divulgadas para substituir uma consulta médica. Seja prudente, consulte um médico, quando entender necessário, para o correto diagnóstico e eventual tratamento".

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